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Panda Radio Control AC/DC Auto Quick Charger

Model 081300
0.75 amp fuse

The charger charges the battery at 5A when the timer is on (non-zero). When the timer is off (at zero), the charger trickle charges the battery at 300 mA.

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Tower Hobbies 420 AC/DC 6-7 Cell Charger

The Panda Radio Control AC/DC Auto Quick Charger looks and seems to be identical to the Tower Hobbies 420 AC/DC 6-7 Cell Charger. The following are Tower Hobbies tech notes on this charger.

This is one of the lowest-priced chargers around. It is an AC/DC charger that is perfect for the entry level setup. It safely fast charges 6- or 7-cell NiCd batteries, then switches automatically to TRICKLE charge. Ampmeter shows charge progress. This charger has a One-Year Warranty.

**This charges at a 5A rate and is NOT recommended for charging**
**NiMH batteries. The charge rate is not adjustable on this model.**


  • Safely fast-charges fully drained batteries in 20-40 minutes
  • Charge/Discharge switch lets the modeler make the appropriate selection
  • Simple to use: set timer to 15 minutes ... built-in electronic timer automatically switches to TRICKLE when knob is at O (zero).
  • AC input .8A fuse protected for safety (bus, glass tube type)


  • One 6-7 cell charger w/connector that plugs into a Tamiya battery, AC outlet plug and DC alligator clips all prewired.
  • One Kyosho battery adapter
  • One extra fuse
SPECS:    Input Voltage: 110V AC US Standard
                         12V DC
          Length: 6-3/4"
          Width:  4-1/4"
          Height: 2-7/16"

COMMENTS: The instructions are on the box, along with the appropriate charging times.

                         7.2V      8.4V
Charge Times: 1200mAh   19 min.   29 min.
              1500mAh   20 min.   37 min.
              1700mAh   24 min.   41 min.

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