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Hellgate: London - Multiplayer FAQ

Q: My friend and I are both in the same station, on the same regional server, but we don't see each other. How come?

A: Apparently, even though you can only choose one American server or one European Server, there are many internal servers. Even though you guys are at the same station, you guys can be on different servers. Add each other to your friend list. Create a party. Then one of you can invite the other into a party. Once you guys are in the same party, push the ALT button and navigate the mouse cursor to your friend. Click on your friend and select "Open Portal to Party". Once you enter the portal, you and your friend will be in the same location.

Q: There are a lot of loot on the ground. Should I pick them all up? I don't want to offend other players.

A: You can safely pick them up. The loot you see are reserved for your characters. Other player do not see your loots. And you do not see their loots.

Q: My friend is further along in the game. Can I join his party and travel to his destination, where my character hasn't been to?

A: No. The server will disallow you to travel to a destination that you haven't been to.

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