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Hellgate: London - Multiplayer FAQ

Q: My friend and I are both in the same station, on the same regional server, but we don't see each other. How come?

A: Apparently, even though you can only choose one American server or one European Server, there are many internal servers. So even if you guys are at the same station, you guys can still be on different servers. However, you can see your friend if you added him on your friend list. Add each other to your friend lists. Create a party. Then one of you can invite the other into a party. Once you guys are in the same party, push the ALT button and navigate the mouse cursor to your friend. Click on your friend and select "Open Portal To". Once you enter the portal, you and your friend will be in the same location.

Q: My friend is further along in the game. Can I join his party and travel to his destination, where my character hasn't been to?

A: No. The server will disallow you to travel to a destination that you haven't been to.

Q: How come my hit points on my HUD is higher than any other member in my party, even though they are the same level or higher than my character?

A: Apparently, the HUD only shows the base hit points of each member in your party. It doesn't show the hit points that are added on through the use of equipment.

Q: There are a lot of loot on the ground. Should I pick them all up? I don't want to offend other players.

A: You can safely pick them up. The loot you see are reserved for your characters. Other player do not see your loots. And you do not see their loots.

Q: I have more than one character. How do I trade equipment between the two characters?

A: You can't, by yourself, with a single account. If you have two accounts and two computers, you can log in on both computers and trade between your characters. If you only have one account, you can find a friend that plays to help you trade.

Q: Do I have to play with other people on the multi-player server?

A: No, you do not have to join a party. You can play the game as if you are the only player in the game. You can complete the entire game as if you are playing single-player mode.

Q: What's the pro's and con's of playing single-player versus playing single-player on a multi-player server?

A: When you play single-player, all data related to your character and the game is stored on your computer. Therefore, you can keep that data around forever. Even if one day, the Hellgate: London server is gone, you can still continue to play with your character and your saved games.

The disadvantage is that you have to make sure that your data are backed up, so that you won't ever loose that data. In addition, your single-player character will never be able to interact with other Hellgate: London players' characters. Another disadvantage is that you have to have the game CD-ROM in the drive to boot up the game.

The advantage for playing single-player mode online is that you can also change your mind about playing with other players at any time. In addition, the server manages your character data and saved games. You don't have to worry about managing your own data. Also, because your online account is tracked by the key, you do not need to have the game CD-ROM in the drive to start the game.

On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the Hellgate: London servers will be up forever. In fact, it is quite likely that they will be gone in a matter of years, when the game loses its popularity. At that time, you will lose your character data and your saved games. In addition, you must maintain network connection in order to play the game online, even though you are playing in single-player mode.

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