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Hyper Tough 20V MAX Power Tools Battery Interface

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Hyper Tough 20V MAX Power Tool Pin-Out

The Hyper Tough 20V MAX power tool interfaces with the +, T, and - terminals on the battery. But when we masked out the T terminal on the Hyper Tough 20V Max 8" 2.0Ah 20V Battery Powered Cordless Pole Saw, we have found that the pole saw still operated.

This means that it will be really easy to interface any other brand's 18V/20V lithium ion battery pack with some Hyper Tough power tools.

There is possibility that there are other Hyper Tough power tools that utilizing the T terminal. If your power tool doesn't operate without the T terminal, please see the battery section below.

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Hyper Tough 20V MAX Battery Pin-Out

The photo below shows the pin-out on the battery.

  • + is the battery positive terminal.
  • The unmarked pin is the charging terminal. (See next section.)
  • T is probably the NTC thermistor temperature sensor. NTC stands for Negative Temperature Coefficient.
  • - is the battery negative terminal.

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Resistance Measurement on the Battery

It's possible that other Hyper Tough power tool may utilize the T pin for identification. So we measured the resistance of the Hyper Tough battery and present it below:

As you can see above, the negative and the T terminal has 11.12 kilo-ohms resistance. Whether this information is useful or not, we don't know, because we don't have a Hyper Tough tool that needs it. But if it does help you, please feel free to let us know in the comments.

In most cases, it's the T terminal and the negative terminal that's important. After all, the negative terminal serves as ground or common. But in rare cases where the positive terminal is connected to the T terminal, we present the resistance measurement below:

Based on the resistance measurement, the positive terminal is not connected to the T terminal at all.

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Hyper Tough 20V MAX Slide-On Charger Pin-Out

The photo below shows the pin-out on the slide-on charger.

As you can see from the photo above, the charger is only connected to the the negative pin and the unmarked pin on the battery.

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