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Hart 20V Power Tools Battery Interface

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Hart 20V Battery Pin-Out

The Hart 20V Lithium Ion battery pack has five metal receptors as shown in photo below. The plastic case actually have room for one more receptor, but there is no metal contact there.

Only the positive and negative terminals are labels as you can see in the following photograph.

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Hart 20V Charger Pin-Out

The photo below shows the pins on the battery charger. As you can see, the charger only interfaces to four out of five pins. The positive terminal is not connected. None of the pins are labeled on the battery charger.

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Hart 20V Power Tool Pin-Out

The photo below shows the interface pins on the HART 20-Volt Cordless Dual Function Digital Inflator. The tool uses three pins.

First question is... Does the power tool use the middle horizontal pin? To find out, we insulated it with a piece of paper as you can see in the photo below:

When we did that, the tool won't turn on. So the Hart 20V power tool does use this third pin. The second question is... how do we trick it so that any 20V battery pack can be used on the Hart 20V power tool?

The question may be answered by the Hart 20V 4" Clamp Fan HPCF50. The photo below shows that the fan doesn't interface with the + terminal on the battery. Instead, it uses the mystery horizontal pin.

That's a tip-off that the mystery pin provides 20-volt or, possibly, some other lower voltage. Putting a digital multimeter on the mystery pin and the negative terminal on the battery, we measure 20v that is very similar to the positive pin. So, possibly, the trick is to simply wire up this third mystery pin to the positive pin to provide 20V.

The voltage of the mystery pin has been confirmed by one of our users, who provided even more technical details in the "Comments & Discussion" page.

We also gotten the Hart 20V Cordless Vacuum PSV01, which utilizes all five pins (see photo below).

We masked out each of the three middle pins and found that the vacuum will not function if any of the three middle pins are masked out. When the small 20v pin is masked, the vacuum provides no response. When one of the vertical middle pins are masked, the vacuum lights up red, but does not start.

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