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Fixing the PVC Sprinkler Tee

There are numerous reasons why a PVC sprinkler pipe will break. The usual cause is simply wear and tear over time. In this article, we shows you step-by-step instructions to replacing a broken tee for sprinkler head.

The above photo shows a sprinkler tee that has failed. It's already been dug up to illustrate the topic of this article.

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Tools You Need

The following photo shows you the tools you'll need to perform this repair. You'll need a saw or pipe cutter to cut out the broken PVC pipe. You'll need a small shovel to dig the broken section clear. You don't want to use a large shovel which could cut through PVC pipes. A rubber hammer can come in handy to help you loosen dirt by striking the small shovel.

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Part You Need

You'll need a replacement tee. Local home improvement stores, like Home Depot and Lowes, offers tee replacement part that doesn't require any gluing (see photo below). It makes the job much easier and more convenient.

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Replace the Tee

To get started, dig around the broken pipe. Make sure you clear all the dirt around it. You can leave the sprinkler head in to eliminate the dirt from entering the pipes. As you can see from the photo below, I cleared the dirt, but a lot of dirt got into the broken tee.

Next, use the saw to cut through the PVC pipe. Try to keep the cut as close to the tee as possible. If you cut too much out, then the replacement tee won't be sufficient for the repair.

Once you have cut out the broken part, disassemble the replacement tee. Put both end caps on each section of the broken pipe as shown in the photo below. Then fit the rubber seal around the end of the PVC pipe.

Finally, put the new tee in and screw on both end caps as shown in the photo below.

It's fixed, but don't put all the dirt back yet. You'll want to test the system. Put the sprinkler head back on. Turn on the water and see if there is any leaks.

Once you have gotten rid of all leaks, your job is done. Now you can put back all the dirt and the nice patch of grass around the sprinkler head.

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