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Refill Inks for Inkjet Cartridges: What Works, What Doesn't?

Bottled ink is getting harder and harder to find. My recent search at the local stationary store provided fruitless results. It seems that the whole industry is moving toward disposable cartridges.

I used to have a huge bottle of black Skrip ink for fountain pens. I used it several times for that purpose, but I've used it more for refilling my black inkjet cartridges. It worked well for years, until I used up that bottle recently.

Since then, I have tried several different ink sources. Some inks work ok. Other inks clog up the print head. In this document, I will document what works and what doesn't. Feel free to add your own experience to this document in the same manner. If you just want to share your opinion, please post to the Comments & Discussion thread.

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What Works

Skrip Ink - jet black

I bought this Skrip Jet Black Ink, for a few bucks, a long, long time ago. And I have been using it to refill my black inkjet cartridges. It has worked well, until I've used up the entire bottle. This bottle of ink is made by Sheaffer Eaton Inc. 2 fl. oz. (60ml.)

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What Doesn't

Calli - Green 031

This Calli Green 031 non-clogging, pigmented, waterproof calligraphy ink seems thin enough that it would work. But it has clogged my print head and, therefore, proves it doesn't work. Maybe it's the waterproof part that clogs. This bottle of ink is made by Daler-Rowney U.S.A. 1 US fl. oz. (29.5 ml)

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