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KERUI W18 Home Security System Review

I've just bought one of these having read the review and others, and am about to install it. Functionally, it's good, but the manual is confusing!

Comments in case they're still useful.

i. I have the W18, which has wifi configuration. You have to start the configuration on the phone, then turn on the configuration on the panel. You don't
connect the panel specifically to a wifi network - you do that from the app. It's less useful than I was hoping, partly because the network connection drops out,
and partly because you don't get all the information/features that the panel has (e.g. you can only configure zone names, but not set up new devices).
The W18 is probably most useful for giving names to zones. I was hoping I could use this to monitor the system remotely and check the status of each
sensor, but it seems that you need a local wifi connection.

ii. The IoS app seems stable so far. You have to manually switch between GSM and Wifi control modes.

iii. There is a single passcode for the system, so you can't tell who has armed it from this. There's a detailed arm/disarm log, which tells you which device (keypad, app, which keyfob)
has armed/disarmed the system, but I don't know whether it distinguishes between phones that sent an SMS. There's also a log of which alarm was triggered when.

iv. It's possible to lock the panel so it can't be unlocked just by touching the keypad (just one of the settings - google for this). I think you need to enter the passcode in this case.

v. The plug in siren is ugly and loud! OK in an industrial setting, but not good in a home unless it's hidden away somewhere. I won't bother.

vi. The intelligent mode waits for a sensor to be triggered twice. This is presumably in case sunlight sets off PIR, for example. There's an illustration on the Kerui web site that shows this.

vii. There are lots of youtube videos about, but they mostly just show the buttons being used but don't explain the features, so you have to watch them several times. They can be useful with setup

viii. My SIM card wouldn't go in initially. There is a diagram on the back which shows the direction. You have to push it quite hard to latch.

ix. The SIM mode basically works by text message. You (or the app) send a text message in a specific format to arm/disarm the alarm etc. The message includes the passcode,
e.g. 1234#1 The panel sends texts to you when alarms are triggered. You can set multiple phones to receive the messages. This is what I wanted since my wife and I both get a remote notification if an alarm is triggered. You seem to be able to set separate phone numbers for emergency mode if you want.

x. The G18 (but not the W18) seems to support RFID tags directly. This is probably good for commercial use - you give an employee an RFID tag and they disarm/arm the system
when the enter/leave the premises. You can buy an add-on for the W18, or presumably as an extra box for the G18

xi. There are smoke detectors, CO detectors and gas detectors, as well as outside PIRs, pet-friendly PIRs and a wireless camera (the N62) that seems to integrate with the app. I'm impressed by the range of options and modularity.

xii. The panel has a built-in battery so removing the power supply doesn't disarm it. A burglar could remove it from the wall fairly easily and try to smash it, but there's a good chance
they would run rather than doing that!

Hope that helps!

Sun, 26 Feb 2017 02:32:38 -0800

Thank you for your review!!. There is not much information about this alarm system in the Internet.

I bought a W18 system a few days ago and I'm getting crazy for configuring it! My unit has lost all the configuration during the night although it's plugged to an Ac socket. I sent a message to the seller and he told me that I have tot try to deactivate the screensaver option in the LCD options menu. Now I'm trying it and it seems that the alarm works ok.

I can connect to the alarm by SMS but I can't throught wi-fi. I have an Iphone 5S. I enter into wi-fi menu option (number 7) and select the option number 1 (wi-fi config). While the alarm is "thinking" I search the alarm in my app throught my home wifi, but never have found anything.

Can you help me?

Thank you in advance and sorry for my English!

Fri, 09 Jun 2017 11:10:16 -0700

On using the W18 model check your Wi-Fi is configured for 2.4 GHz as this does not work on the higher 5 Ghz setting.

Sun, 25 Mar 2018 13:36:41 -0700

hello and happy new year 2024
after using my iphone to install and check the correct functioning of a W18 alarm at a friend's house
I would like to remove it from my list of online devices and only keep my own devices

Attached Image:

online device.jpg

Wed, 10 Jan 2024 01:43:21 -0800

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Title: KERUI W18 Sends Phone Notification Even When Disarmed
Weblog: GearHack
Excerpt: Hello. I have the Kerui w18 connected to wifi. I have set the kerui delay 15 seconds on Entry. When I open my front door (zone 1) it starts and counts, I put the code and disarm the alarm. So far everything is working properly. My problem is that as soon as my front door opens, on my phone comes a n . . .
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