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Strategy to Winning Ascension

Ascension is a new game mode for League of Legends. This new game mode is temporary for now, as it will only be available until September 21, 2014. Nevertheless, it is an extremely fun, challenging, and entertaining mode to try. And this post will explain the winning strategy to this game mode.

But before, we go there, let's talk about the mechanics of this game mode. First of all, it's a modified version of the Crystal Scar map. Instead of walking down the spawn steps, you teleport to one of the Crystal Scar tower locations. Right click to do that. Like Howling Abyss, your champion can't teleport back to base during the game. The only time you are back at base is after your champion dies. The first team that scores 200 points in this game mode wins. There are several ways to score points: 1) Champion kill scores 1 point. 2) Capturing a relic scores 3 points. 3) Killing a champion while ascended score 2 points. Relics are located where the speed buffs are on Crystal Scar. That means they are very close to the center of the map, where the super Xerath spawn.

Now that we have the game mechanics down, let's talk strategy. First of all, capturing a relic is three times more points than killing an enemy champion. Therefore, your primary focus should be capturing relics.

While capturing a relic, let your team's tank and/or fighter capture it. Your team's marksman, assassin, or mage should hide in a bush so that you can gank the enemy team if they attempt to contest the relic.

But if there is a weak enemy champion on the way to the relic, it's a bonus to kill it. That brings us to the next strategy... kill as many enemy champions as you can while capturing relics. Just don't focus on killing enemy champions, because they can be capturing relics while you are killing their team mates.

When most of the enemy champions are dead, that's your chance to take down super Xerath to ascend. But if the enemy team is fighting super Xerath while your team is down, but you are still alive, you may attempt to kill steal the super Xerath. Hide in a bush until the super Xerath is almost dead. Then "jump" in for the last kill.

If you follow these strategies, then you'll likely win more Ascension games. Do you have some strategies of your own?

Sat, 13 Sep 2014 12:15:22 +0400

Ascension came back this weekend. And we used this strategy to win a battle just a little while ago. The following video is our demonstration of using this strategy:

Sat, 13 Aug 2016 10:48:37 +0400

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Title: League of Legends: Is Ascension About Kills or About Capturing Relics?
Weblog: GearHack
Excerpt: The team that reaches 200 points first in the Ascension game mode wins the game. There are three ways to score points: 1) Champion kill scores 1 point. 2) Capturing a relic scores 3 points. 3) Killing a champion while ascended score 2 points. While you can theoretically win an Ascension game by kill . . .
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Tracked: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 09:35:53 +0400

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