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Dawn of War - Blood Sport Mod

This Dawn of War mod is based loosely on the Blood Sport rules. There are only infantries in this game. And the goal is to win the game using limit amount of infantries with strategic, tactical team work. With this mod, the Dawn of War game engine will referee this sporting event for you. And you can even play with bots (computers).

The differences between this mod and the actual Blood Sport rules are:

  • Builders may leave home base at will and capture strategic points.
  • Buildings need not be adjacent to one another.
  • Buildings may be used for attacking.
  • Players may bring in infantries that costs nothing to build, in addition to the one counting against squad cap.
  • Infantries may attack buildings and builders.

Currently, this mod only works on the Soulstorm expansion. In the future, there will be support for the original Dawn of War, the Winter Assault expansion, and the Dark Crusade expansion. You are welcome to follow the change note below to build the mod for these other expansions.

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Download the zip file (see "Attachments" below). Then place everything in the ZIP archive into "C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Soulstorm". Next, start Soulstorm. Click on "Game Manager" and activate this mod.

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Change Note

Version 1.0

  • Change Ork playable to false; the Ork race do not follow squad cap rule.

Since Ork is no longer playable, the following changes does not apply to that race.

  • Change max squad cap to 1 for all races.
  • Change max support cap to 0 for all races.
  • Reduce squad cap usage for all infantries to 1.
  • Change listening post cost to 1 faith, 1 population, and 1 souls so that it can't be built.

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