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Dawn of War - Blood Sport

As war wages on between the seven fearsome armies on the planet Kronus, the generals of each army starts getting restless. The epic war battles continues for ages without a relief. As each army strategically out-maneuvers one another, there is just no end in sight.

Finally, the Tau Ethereal spoke in a broadcast transmission to all the other races. "Perhaps, the epic struggle for domination isn't going to determine the true leader of this world. After all, the tactic of acquiring volumous resource on this plentiful planet to amass weapon of destruction is all too easy to come by. It's like killing a Servitor with a Hammerhead gunship."

On the other side of the continent, the sound of a million cries raise in unison. No doubt, at least half of it comprises of Space Marine Servitors' anger. The cries are so loud, even without broadcast transmission, the other six races can hear them from afar in delight. The Tau Ethereal waits for the cries to die down and continues.

"Where is the tactical advantage? When we are all doing the same thing, skirmish after skirmish, battle after battle, and war after war? We are all technologically advance armies. Perhaps we should demonstrate our tactical superiority to each other in a sportsmanship manner. Perhaps, then, will the true leader emerge."

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Playing the Game

To participate in this sporting event, you and your friends each need a copy of Dawn of War. If you have the additional expansions, such as Winter Assult, and/or Dark Crusade, then that's even better. And if you have the latest Soulstorm expansion, then even the Sisters of Battle and the Dark Eldar can join the Blood Sport on Kronus.

Blood Sport is most tactically fun if you play with teams of players; where you have to coordinate strategically with one another to capture and protect your flags. But you can also play one-on-one against your friend. You might even try a large free-for-all.

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Setting up the Game

Start a multiplayer map that you and your friends want to play on. Set the options to control area, economic victory, take and hold, and/or sudden death. Depending or which option(s) you selected, the goal to winning the game differs. For example, in a take and hold scenario the goal to winning the game is to acquire and protect critical points.

  • Control Area: Capture 66% or more of the Strategic Points on the map. These must be held for 8 minutes to win the game.
  • Economic Victory: Acquire a certain amount of resources to win.
  • Take and Hold: Take more than 50% of the Critical Locations on the map. They must be held for 7 minutes.
  • Sudden Death: Capture an enemy�s strategic point.

Before starting the game, make sure you haven't added any bots to the game. The bots don't know the rules to Blood Sport, so they can't follow the Blood Sport rules. Therefore, don't add them unless you really want a challenge. If you want to play with bots, take a look at the Blood Sport Mod.

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After long teleconference discussions, the leaders of the seven armies come up with the following rules for the sporting event. The Dawn of War game engine cannot enforce these rule. Therefore it is a honor system that all playsers have to uphold with the highest integrity.

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  • Each player may build as many builders as desired.
  • Players may not use builders to capture strategic and critical points.
  • Players may not reinforce strategic points with Listening Posts, nor with turrets.
  • Only one Necron Builder Scarab may, leave home base and, be used for capturing strategic and critical points at any one time.

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  • Each player may build as many buildings as desired. In fact, the faster the better, as that is how to gain an earlier tactical advantage compared to other players.
  • Each building must be adjacent to any other building that the player owns on the starting turf.
  • Buildings may not be used for attacking (such as Orbital Bombardment).

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  • Each player may only bring in one squad at any one time.
  • The squad may be improved to its fullest potential.
  • A player may not start building a new squad until the original squad has completely died off.
  • Infantries may not attack buildings, unless the building, to be attacked, has broken any of the building rules stated above.
  • Infantries may not attack builders, unless the builders has moved away from their home bases. The rule of thumb is that if your infantry can hit enemy buildings while attacking enemy builders, then it's an illegal action. Move your infantries away immediately.

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  • Vehicles are not allowed.

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Multiplayers Rules

  • In team games where one team has more players than the other team(s), the other team(s) players may command more than one squad, totaling up to the difference in players between the teams. For example, team A has one more player than team B, so one of the players on team B can command one additional infantry squad.

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This section outlines some other ways to play Blood Sport. Before using these variations, be sure that everyone agrees to use them.

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Assassinate: Kill an enemy�s commander unit.

Normally, the commander is considered as a squad. If you selected the assassinate game option, you will automatically start with a commander. In this case, each player may bring in one infantry squad, in addition to the commander.

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Annihilate and Destroy HQ

The following two game rules conflicts with the Blood Sport rules, so they are not used. If you think of a creative ways to use them, please share with us.

  • Annihilate: Destroy primary enemy buildings.
  • Destroy HQ: Destroy all of the enemy�s HQ buildings.

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