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Drill Master 18V Power Tools Battery Conversion Guide

Looking for a Drill Master battery adapter to use other brands' battery packs on your Drill Master 18V power tools? You came to the right place. This page provides recommendation of battery adapters and various methods for you to do just that.

Drill Master 18V system uses a Ni-Cd battery pack. The power tool is completely analog, so the power tool can be driven at almost any voltage as it only affects the power and speed. Higher voltage then the rated 18V may damage or wear out the motor prematurely. 18V / 20V lithium ion battery pack will work on it just fine. But be careful using unprotected lithium battery packs; you don't want to drain the battery pack completely down.

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Ridgid 18V Battery Pack

It has been reported that the Ridgid 18V batteries do have built-in over discharge protection. Therefore, it should be safe to use Ridgid 18V batteries with an adapter on Hyper Tough 20V MAX power tools. But you might consider disassembly your Ridgid 18V battery to ensure that there is an over discharge protection circuit.

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