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OtterBox Defender Ring/Silent Switch Hack

The ring/silent switch on the Apple iPhone 5 has really been a curse. It's too easy to switch off. As this phone is being used to receive critical calls, it's really undesirable to have this switch, which I haven't been able to find a way to disable in iOS. So far, I have missed several important calls, because the protective cover on the OtterBox Defender has been turning this switch off systematically.

Luckily, I have studied the OtterBox Defender protective cover and discovered a modification to the rubber so that the switch would not inadvertently turn off again. In this article, I will show you this easy trick.

First, take a look at the protective cover in the photo below. When you open the protective cover with your fingernail, there is a chance that the lip on the cover will silence the phone.

To eliminate the possibility of silencing the phone when you are checking the switch position, the trick is to cut off the rubber lip. A pair of sharp scissors will do the trick easily. See photo below for the cut.

After the cut, there is no chance that the cover will ever make the "switch" again.

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