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GMYLE Wallet Case Classic for LG Google Nexus 5 Review

The GMYLE Wallet Case Classic is a flip case for SmartPhones. It is rather inexpensive from Amazon and should protect our Android SmartPhone well. In this review article, we try the Google LG Nexus 5 version of the wallet case.

The GMYLE Wallet Case Classic comes in a simple transparent bag (see photo below). There is no cardboard box nor plastic container. But that is just fine with us.

We were curious how the wallet case was going to secure the Google LG Nexus 5. We thought it was going to use transparent wrappers around the phone. But it turned out that it had a black skin case that surrounds the phone. The white foam insert (shown in the photo below) helped you see the black skin case clearly. The body skin case was permanently attached to the folding case cover.

The GMYLE Wallet Case Classic is quite stylish with its bright green internal. It actually serves as a wallet with two slots for ID and credit cards (see photo below). A long pocket along the center of the inner cover allow you to store cash.

Photo below shows the black rubber body case has cutouts for speakers and various connectivity ports.

Photo below shows the Google LG Nexus 5 installed into the rubber body case. It looks very slick.

You can fold the case over while using the phone to get the cover out of the way (see photo below). The magnetic tab can also be folded back in between the covers.

The Google LG Nexus 5 has a large pertuding camera. I have always been concerned with it being scratched by the grits on a table. And it doesn't lie quite right with the pertuding camera. The GMYLE Wallet Case Classic solves both problems. It encloses the camera as shown in the photo below. With the case, the phone lays flat on the table. And tye extra distance protects the camera lens from scratches.

The GMYLE Wallet Case Classic also serves as a stand for the smart phone. Its concept is the same as the Motorola XOOM case, where the back cover can fold in half, allowing the Android device to sit on the front cover (see photo below). In this manner, the angle of the screen is fully ajustable. But the Google LG Nexus 5 is too light, so you have to play with the case a little bit to make it sit the way you want it to. I suspect the case will soften over time, making it easier to adjust.

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