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Sommer Direct Drive 2-Button Remote Review

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Yes, the first thing I will review is the 2-button remote that comes with the Sommer garage door opener. Out of all the components, the one that is most important is the remote. Why? It's the component that you have to see and live with everyday. It's the one that will make an impression on your family and friends when they ride in your car. Do you really want a 1980's clicker in your car with awesome new airbag and GPS technology?

It wasn't until Wayne Dalton introduced keyfob-like remotes in its idrive package that got every other American garage door opener makers scrambling to make keyfob-like remotes. Before then, the American garage door opener companies are still supplying clickers with their openers.

The Sommer Direct Drive 2-Butto Remote is slim like a keyfob. But it's elongated like a lipstick. Personally, I prefer the rectanglar-ish shape of a keyfob. But the Sommer remote looks high-tech and modern. It's slim and small size doesn't standout, but will make people scratch heads on what it is.

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