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Vampiric Tristana Build for the Legend of the Poro King

The Legend of the Poro King is one of the most festive and funnest game mode in League of Legends. And every year, around Christmas time, Riot enables this game mode for everyone to enjoy.

My favorite champion is Tristana. Even though she's delicate and weak early on in this game mode, by end game, if playing well, she could wreck the entire enemy team. In this build guide, I will provide a robust Tristana build that will literally wreck the enemy team by end game, if your team can get that far.

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Berserker's Greaves - Before the game even starts, you will have enough gold pieces to buy this boot. This is the first item to get, because it gives Tristana 45 movement speed. Being a long range champion, she has one of the slowest walking speed. This boot helps her get back to lane fast for experience and farm. Also, helps her get out of trouble. The 30% attack speed increase also keeps her potent in poking the enemy.

Mercury's Treads - Same cost as the Berserker's Greaves. If the enemy team has stun(s), then get this boot to get out of trouble fast. It has the same 45 movement speed increase, but trades the attack speed increase with 25 magic resist and "reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds, polymorphs, and immobilizes by 20%."

Health Potion - In order to stay in lane longer, purchase five health potions at the beginning of the game. There are going to be quite a few pokes at the initial phase, so use these potions to stay alive as long as possible to farm and maybe even kill a few enemy champions.

Vampiric Scepter - Hopefully by the time of Tristana's first re-spawn, she will have enough gold pieces to purchase this item. This item provides 15 additional attack damage and 10% life steal. This item will help Tristana stay in lane without health potions, saving the cost for new items and upgrades. Being able to stay in lane longer to farm helps build the remaining items faster.

Runaan's Hurricane - This item enhances Tristana's ability to farm and stay alive. It works with Vampiric Scepter to steal life to save the cost of buying potions. It provides 40% attack speed increase, 30% critical strike chance, and 5% movement speed increase. Later on, it's ability to hit additional enemies helps win team fights.

Maw of Malmortius - We've been avoiding Tristana's attack damage build long enough. Typically, this is one of the first item to build. But due to the Legend of the Poro King's single lane with no heal at base characteristics, we change the build order a bit to enhance Tristana's upgrade speed. Now, we get back on track with her AD build. This item is amazing by providing so many abilities: 55 attack damage, 50 magic resist, 10 armor penetration, a magic damage absorbing shield that grants 25% attack speed, 10% spell vamp, and 10% life steal. Wow.

Frozen Mallet - Ok, there is the true game wrecker. This item slows the enemy's movement speed for 1.5 seconds on hit. Then it slows the enemy's melee attacks by 40% and range attacks by 30%. Because the Legend of Poro King is all about the team fight, when the enemies gets close, take turn hitting each one with basic attacks to slow them down. Then your team mates and your Runaan's Hurricane can kill them all off quickly. There will be no come back for the enemy team. As a bonus, it also gives Tristana 650 more health and 40 attack damage.

The Bloodthirster - If the game is not over by now, you can finish upgrading the Vampiric Scepter to the Bloodthirster, which gives you 75 attack damage, 20% life steal, and a health shield. But by now, it's unlikely for Tristana to die, and you'd be farming like crazy. Maybe you'll have enough gold piece to skip this upgrade and purchase the next item directly.

Trinity Force - This is an end game item. Tristana is so fed that she's just toying with the enemy now. She can get this item and there'd be nothing left to do but win. This item gives her 250 health, 25 attack damage, 20% critical strike chance, 15% attack speed, 10% cooldown reduction, 5% movement speed, 250 mana, and even more. This is like the BFG in a FPS game.

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