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Fixing the Asian Taste Multi-Purpose Electronic Steam Boat Shabu-Shabu

It's winter time and during the winter time, my wife and I always pull out our hot pot. Nothing beats a big hot pot of soup with everything in it when the weather gets cold. For years, we have used our trusty Asian Taste Multi-Purpose Electronic Steam Boat Shabu-Shabu hot bot. But this year it failed (again). Yes, it failed before. The internal thermal fuse is a wear item. So every few years it has to be replaced. I had replaced it once before. So fixing it is no problem.

The problem is that I didn't document the details the last time I did it. As as you can see from the photo below, the thermal fuse and its surrounding parts has corroded to the point that you can no longer read the specs on it. So this time around, I'm going to documented it here.

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Parts You Need

The last time I fixed the hot pot, I drove out to the local Radio Shack store and bought some thermal fuses. So I did the same thing again this time. They carry three different thermal fuses in the store, but one of them was out of stock. I picked up the remaining two (see photo below).

I got the 264 degree F (129 degree C) and the 430 degree F (226 degree C) thermal fuses. The way thermal fuse work is when they heat up to the threshold, they break the electrical connection. Normally, you should read the specs on the old thermal fuse and get the equivalent one. But in this case, I will use the smaller thermal fuse first and move up as necessary.

You'll also need some heat shrink wire wrap. These wire wraps conforms to the shape of the wiring and component when heat is applied. They are used to insulate your electrical wiring and electrical component from other metal parts.

You'll want to get some solderless terminals and connectors, because the electrical components are related to heat sources. Maybe it would be too hot and melt the solder. So to be safe, use solderless terminals and connectors. They are also less messy to work with.

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Tools You Need

You will need to cut out the failed parts and then crimp on some new parts. You might as well use a crimper that has a cutter on it. But if you got two individual tools for each purpose, that would be fine too.

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Replacing the Thermal Fuse

This project deals with high voltage, high current, and high temperature. Please seek a professional to perform this work if you are not a professional skilled in this area.

To get to the thermal fuse, you can to take apart the hot pot. The control knob has to come off first. With a small flat-head screw driver, unscrew it and remove the knob.

Next, with the hot pot upside-down, unscrew the bottom center hex nut. That screw holds the electrical components within the hot pot. Then maneuver the bottom metal panel off the hot pot. You can't fully remove it, because wires are attached to it. So be careful moving it out of the way.

Examine how the thermal fuse is installed in the hot pot. You'll want to replicate the installation exactly. Use new thermal fuse with new solderless connectors. But the configuration that matches the original. Once you have the new components ready, swap it with the existing one.

Don't forget to wrap it in heat shrink wire wrap. You don't need to use a hairdryer to shrink it in this application, because the thermal fuse will do that for you. The photo above shows the heat shrink wire wrap conforming to the shape after using the hot pot once.

After swapping out the thermal fuse, put everything back in reverse of taking it apart. Don't test it out until you have the whole hot pot back together again.

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Which Fuse?

In the end, I found the I got the 264 degree F (129 degree C) fuse to be too low. It barely heats up the water before it cuts off.

So I replaced it with the 430 degree F (226 degree C) thermal fuses. This fuse seems to work pretty well with the hot pot. We were able to get several hot pot meals out of it so far.

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