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Dawn of War II - Hot Keys

-- Global Commands

Attack Move				="A" 				                                             
Fall Back				="X"			
Repair					="E"                                          
Reinforce				="R" (MP Only)  
Attack Ground				="G"
Attack Melee				="Z"
Stop					="S"				
Exit All				="U"  (MP Only)		
De-Select unit/Building			="Escape"			
In-Game Options				="F10"

-- Selection Hotkeys
Select all				="Control+A"
Select hq				="F1"
Next primary selection			="Tab"
Prev primary selection			="Control+Tab"
Remove selection			="Control+Left Mouse Click"

-- Group Hotkeys
Group select0				="0"
Group select1				="1"
Group select2				="2"
Group select3				="3"
Group select4				="4"
Group select5				="5"
Group select6				="6"
Group select7				="7"
Group select8				="8"
Group select9				="9"

-- Set the group to be the current selection
Group set0				="Control+0"
Group set1				="Control+1"
Group set2				="Control+2"
Group set3				="Control+3"
Group set4				="Control+4"
Group set5				="Control+5"
Group set6 				="Control+6"
Group set7				="Control+7"
Group set8				="Control+8"
Group set9				="Control+9"

-- Campaign Specific Abilities

--Wargear Abilities--

Melta Bomb				="B"
Frag Grenade				="G"				
Frag Grenade Energy			="G"			
Blind Grenade				="I"
Demolition Charge			="D"
Rites Of Repair				="P			
Stimulant Kit				="M"			
Cyclone Missile Launcher Barrage="B"
--Stratagem abilities--

Artillery Strike			="C" 			
Blessing of Fortitude			="O"
Deploy Tarantula			="V"    			

--Unique FC Abilities--

To Victory!				="Q"				
Battle Cry				="W"
--Unique FC Wargear--

Teleport				="E" -- Teleport Pack Equipped
Jump					="E" -- Jump Pack Equipped
Rally					="E" -- Rally Banner Equipped     
Iron Halo				="E" -- Iron Halo Equipped
Orbital Bombardment			="R" -- Orbital Strike Wargear Equipped
Call Drop Pod Reinforce			="T" � Drop Pod Beacon Equipped
--Unique Tarkus Abilities--

Tactical Advance			="Q"
Taunt					="W"    
-- Unique Cyrus Abilities--

Infiltrate				="Q" 
Suppressive Fire			="W" 
High Powered Shot			="W" 
High-Explosive Shot			="W" 		
Immolate				="W" 
Scout Reinforce				="E" 
-- Unique Cyrus Wargear--

Proximity Mines				="R" -- Proximity Mines
Remote Detonator			="T" -- Remote Detonator
-- Unique Avitus Abilities--

Focused Fire				="Q" 
Sprint					="W" 
Clear Out				="E" 			
-- Unique Thaddeus Abilities--

Assault Jump				="Q" 			
Teleport				="Q" -- Terminator Armor
Merciless Strike 			="W" 
-- Unique Thule Abilities--

Emperors Fist				="Q" 
Emperors Fist Improved			="Q" 
Ancient Defender			="W" 			
Charge					="E" 		
Assault Cannon Barrage			="R" 
Assault Cannon Barrage Explosive="R" 
-- Unique Gabriel Abilities--

Warcry					="Q" 
My Foe Shall Fall			="W" 
Sunder Armor				="E" 
-- Defend Global Abilities--

Call Turret				="F1"
Proximity Mines				="F2"
Incendiary Strike			="F3"			
Orbital Bombardment			="F4"

-- Space Marines Unit Creation (MP Only) 
Scout Marine Squad			="C"
Tactical Marine Squad			="S"
Devastator Heavy Bolter Squad		="B" 	
Assault Marine Squad			="A"
Devastator Plasma Cannon Squad		="P"
Dreadnought				="D"
Razorback				="R"			
Predator				="T"
Tier 2					="U"
Tier 3					="U"

-- Space Marine Global Abilities (MP Only)
For the Emperor				="F2"
Larramans Blessing			="F2"
Blessing of the Omnissiah		="F2"
Call Drop Pod Venerable Dreadnought	="F4"		 
Call Drop Pod Reinforce			="F3"
Deep Strike Terminators			="F5"
Deep Strike Assault Terminators		="F4"
Angels of Death				="F4"
Orbital Bombardment			="F6"

-- Space Marine Unit Upgrades (MP Only)
Scout Squad Sergeant			="L"
Shotgun					="T"
Sniper Rifle				="N"
Tactical Squad Sergeant			="L"
Flamer					="F"
Plasma Gun				="P"
Missile Launcher			="M"
Targeter				="T"		
Assault Squad Sergeant			="L"
Thunder and Lightning			="B"			
Dark Age Of Technology			="D"
Reinforced Armor Plating		="R"			
Assault Cannon				="C"		
Heavy Flamer (Terminator)		="F"		
Cyclone Missile Launcher (Terminator)	="M"		

-- Space Marine Hero Upgrades

--Force Commander Weapons--

Thunder Hammer				="H"		
Power Sword				="W"	
Chainsword And Stormshield		="D"		
Power Fist				="F"	
Assault Cannon(Terminator)		="C"			
Heavy Flamer(Terminator)		="F"

--Force Commander Armor--

Artificer Armor				="R"		 
Armor of Alacrity			="T"	
Terminator Armor			="M"		

--Force Commander Accessories--

Iron Halo				="I"
Sacred Standard				="C"
Teleporter Pack				="J"

--Apothecary Weapons--

Anointed Power Axe			="N"
Sanguine Chainsword			="W"
Master Crafted Bolter			="F"

--Apothecary Armor--

Armor of Purity				="I"			
Combat Stimulant Equipment		="C"
Armour Of The Apothecarion		="H"

--Apothecary Accessories--

Purification Vials			="G"			
Improved Medical Equipment		="M"
Purification Rites			="R"

--Techmarine Armor--

Signum Armor				="K"
Artificer Armor				="R"			
Tech Bionics				="W"

--Techmarine Weapons--

Plasma Gun				="G"
Master Crafted Bolter			="T"
Consecrated Bolter			="B"

--Techmarine Accessories--

Orbs Of Omnissiah			="O"
Refractor Field				="F"
-- Space Marine Unit Abilities
And They Shall Know No Fear		="T"
Charge					="C"			
Assault Cannon Barrage (Dreadnought) (MP Only)  ="B"	
Dreadnought Emperors Fist       	="F"
Focus Fire (MP Only)			="F"			
Frag Grenade 	(Scouts)   		="G"			
Infiltrate (MP Only)            	="I"			
Melta Bomb (MP Only)            	="B"
Merciless Strike	            	="C"			
Jump Assault Marine             	="J"
Blind Grenade                   	="I"
Repair (MP Only)                	="P"
Smoke Launcher                  	="M"
Teleport Terminators            	="J"
Dreadnought Assault Cannon Barrage Explosive    ="B"
-- Space Marine Hero Abilities (MP Only)
Apothecary Advanced Healing     	="H"
Apothecary Heal                 	="E"
Full Auto		                ="F"				
Combat Stimulants               	="C"
Purification Vials Apothecary		="G"				
Battle Cry                      	="B" 
Force Commander Iron Halo       	="I" 
Defend                          	="D"
Flesh Over Steel 			="F"				
Sprint                          	="T"
Force Commander Teleport 		="J"				
Brothers In Arms                	="B"
Mark Target                     	="K"
Powerful Sweep                  	="W"
Techmarine Refractor Field      	="F"
Techmarine Orb of the Omnissiah 	="O"				
Techmarine High Powered Shot    	="T"
Techmarine Overcharge           	="G"
Techmarine Tarantuala Turret    	="U"				
Techmarine Teleporter Relay		="Y"				
Techmarine Proximity Mine       	="M"				
Power Generator                 	="A"					
Force Commander (Terminator Armor) Cleansing Flame=�N�

-- Ork Unit Creation (MP Only)
Slugga Boyz                    	 	="S"				
Shoota Boyz                     	="H"				
Stikkbommaz                     	="B"				
Stormboyz                       	="R"					
Lootas                          	="L"
Tankbustas                      	="T"
Deff Dread                      	="D"
Wartrukk                        	="W"
Kommando Squad                  	="K"				
Looted Tank                     	="O"					
Nob Squad                       	="N"

-- Ork Global Abilities (MP Only)
Ard Boyz                        	="F3"
Use Yer Choppas!	               	="F4"			
Call da Boyz!                   	="F2"				
Roks                            	="F5"				
Kommandos Iz Da Sneakiest       	="F4"
Hide da Boyz                    	="F3"				
More Dakka                      	="F3"
Kult Of Speed                   	="F4"
-- Ork Unit Upgrades (MP Only)
Burna                           	="B"
Nob Leader                      	="N"
Big Shoota                      	="B"
Nob Leader Shoota             		="N"
Bomma Kit                       	="B"			
Improved Rokkit Packs			="K"			
Beamy Def Gun			 	="B"			
Tank Armor                      	="R"
Nob Leader Kommando             	="N"
Meaner an' Greener              	="E"				
�uge Hammers 				="H"			
Nob Leader Nobz                 	="N"
Nob Leader Stormboyz 			="N"			
Deff Dread Burna                	="B"

-- Ork Hero Upgrades (MP Only)

--Mekboy Weapons--

Deffgun                         	="D"
Beamy Deffgun                   	="Y"

--Mekboy Armor--

Electric Armor                  	="E"
Mega-Rumblah 				="R"			
Battery Pack                    	="T"

--Mekboy Accessories--

Kustom Force Field 			="F"				
Proximity Mines 			="M"				
Supa Tuff Beam 				="B"			

--Warboss Weapons--

Bang Bang Hammer                	="H"
Enhanced Kustom Shoota 			="K"			
Power Klaw 				="W"				

--Warboss Armor--

Cybork Implants                 	="C"				
Spiky Armor                     	="I"
�eavy Armor 				="O"				

--Warboss Accessories--

Angry Bits                      	="Y"
Boss Pole                       	="B"
Trophy Rack                     	="R"

--Kommando Nob Weapons--

Speshul Shoota 				="L"				
Assashun�s Knife 			="N"				
Rokkit Launcha                  	="R"

--Kommando Nob Armor--

Extra Equipment                 	="E"
Boom Time!				="O"				
Improved Camouflage 			="C"			

--Kommando Nob Accessories--

Stikkbombz                      	="T"				
Booby Trap                     		="P"
Kaboom!                       		="K"				

-- Ork Unit Abilities (MP Only)
Burna Bomb                   		="B"
Rampage					="E"			
Infiltration				="I"
Luv da Dakka 				="D"			
Frenzy					="E"				
Recklessness				="E"
Smoke Bomb				="E"
Aiming? Wote Dat?			="D"				
Stikkbomb 				="T"			
Stun Grenade				="M"		
Jump					="J"			
Bommaboyz                  		="B"			
Boomgun 				="B"			
Rokkit Barrage 				="B"			
Waaagh!!!				="W"			
Repair					="P"

-- Ork Hero Abilities (MP Only)
Kommando Assassinate 			="N"			
Kommando Infiltration 			="I"			
Kommando High Explosive Shells 		="V"			
Kommando Kaboom                 	="K"
Kommando Right in Me Crosshairs 	="R"		
Kommando Plant Booby Trap		="P"		
Kommando Stunbomb 			="B"			
Kommando Stikkbomb              	="T"				
Mekboy Mega-Rumblah 			="R"			
Mekboy �Ave a Taste			="T"			
Mekboy Kustom Force Field 		="F"				
Mekboy Force Field Overcharge   	="O"
Mekboy Proximity Mines 			="M"			
Mekboy Teleport                 	="J"
Mekboy Supa Tuff Beam 			="B"			
Mekboy Electric Shock 			="E"			
Warboss Big Stomp               	="C"
Warboss Stomp                   	="T"
Warboss Now I�m Angry 			="Y"			

-- Ork Buildings (MP Only)
Ork Turret				="U"			
Waaagh Banner                   	="W"
Power Node 				="A"				
Generator                       	="A"

-- Eldar Unit Creation (MP Only)
Guardian                        	="G"
Shuriken Cannon Weapon Team 		="S"			
Ranger                          	="R"
Howling Banshees                	="B"				
Warp Spider                     	="W"
Brightlance Weapon Team			="L"			
Wraithlord                     		="D"
Falcon					="F"
Fire Prism				="P"
Avatar					="A"			
D-Cannon Weapon Team 			="C"			

-- Eldar Global Abilities (MP Only)
Webway Gate				="F2"
Eldritch Storm				="F5"
Farseer Farsight			="F3"
Farseer Build Seer Council		="F4"
Warlock Swift Movement			="F3"
Warlock Conceal Global			="F4"
Warp Spider Crack Shot			="F3"
Warp Spider Spider�s Brood 		="F4"			

-- Eldar Unit Upgrades (MP Only)
Warlock					="L"
Battle Equipment			="B"
Pathfinder Gear				="P"
Banshee Exarch				="L"
Aspect Of Banshee			="C"
Warp Spider Exarch			="L"			
Aspect Of Warp Spider			="C"
Regenerate Bone 			="B"			
Shuriken Cannon upgrade 		="C"			
Brightlance Upgrade             	="L"				
Energy Field 				="F"				
-- Eldar Hero Wargear (MP Only)

--Farseer Weapons--

Doombringer 				="D"			
Singing Spear 				="P"			
Gravity Blade 				="V"			

--Farseer Armor--

Rune Armour                     	="N"
Armour Of Fortune               	="R"
Armor of Asuryan 			="T"				

--Farseer Accessories--

Spirit Stones                   	="I"    
Runes Of Reaping                	="U"
Ghosthelm                       	="M"

--Warlock Weapons--

Witchblade of Kurnous 			="E"			
Merciless Witchblade 			="L"			
Immolator 				="I"			

--Warlock Armor--

Champion's Robe                 	="P"			
Providence                      	="V"
Cloak Of Shadows               		="C"

--Warlock Accessories--

Warp Throw 				="W"			
Channeling Runes                	="N"
Heart Of Darkness               	="D"

--Warp Spider Weapons-

Heavy Gauge Death Spinner 		="V"			
Entangling Web                  	="E"
Powerblades                     	="L"

--Warp Spider Armor--

Phase Armor                     	="P"
Improved Warp Generator         	="N"
Enhanced Warp Jump Generator 		="I"			

--Warp Spider Accessories--

Improved Targeters              	="T"
Shimmer Orb                     	="B"
Anti Grav Grenade               	="G"

-- Eldar Unit Abilities (MP Only)
The Wailing Doom 			="D"			
Beam Scorch 				="B"			
Singularity 				="B"			
Embolden                        	="E"
Switch to Dispersed Beam 		="T"			
Switch to Focused Beam			="T"			
Fleet Of Foot                   	="F"
Haywire Grenade                 	="G"
Teleport				="J"			
Plasma Grenade                  	="G"
Infiltrate 				="I"				
Suppressive Fire 			="V"			
War Shout                       	="W"
Wraithbone Synergy 			="W"			
Energy Field                    	="F"				
Holo-Field                      	="D"				
Khaine's Wrath 				="W"			
Repair                          	="P"

-- Eldar Hero Abilities (MP Only)
Anti-Grav Grenade 			="G"			
Entangle				="E"
Group Teleport				="U"
Phase Shift				="P"
Shimmer Orb				="B"
Heavy Gauge Filament			="V"
Channeling   				="N"			 
Cloaking Shroud				="C"
Destructor				="T"
Ethereal Slash 				="E"			
Warp Throw 				="W"				
Heart Of Darkness			="D"
Immolate				="I"
Teleport				="J"
Providence				="V"
Psychic Shield				="P"				
Doom					="D"
Fortune					="R"
Guide					="G"
Levitation Field			="V"
Mind War				="M"
Spiritual Rites                 	="I"
Time Field                      	="T"

-- Eldar Buildings (MP Only)
Energy Shield				="D"
Power Generator				="A"				
Power Node 				="A"				

-- Tyranid Unit Creation (MP Only)
Ripper					="R"
Hormagaunt				="H"
Termagaunt				="T"
Warrior					="W"
Spore Mines                     	="S"
Lictor                          	="L"
Ravener                         	="V"
Carnifex                        	="C"
Zoanthrope                      	="Z"
-- Tyranid Global Abilities (MP Only)
Brood Nest 				="F2"			
Warrior Vanguard 			="F3"			
Without Number				="F4"
Tyranoform				="F5"			
Catalyst				="F2"
Spore Mines				="F3"
Stalk					="F2"
Mycetic Spores				="F3"			
-- Tyranid Unit Upgrades (MP Only)
Venom Cannon Warrior			="V"
Barbed Strangler Warrior		="B"
Warrior Adrenal Glands          	="G"
Vanguard 				="V"				
Devourer				="D"
Thornback 				="T"			
Barbed Strangler and Spore Cysts	="B"			
Venom Cannon Carnifex			="V"

-- Tyranid Hero Upgrades (MP Only)

--Lictor Alpha Weapons--

Corrosive Claws				="V"
Feeder Tendrils				="T"
Scything Talons				="Y"
Toxin Sacs 				="N"			

--Lictor Alpha Armor--

Toxic Cysts 				="C"				
Adrenal Glands 				="D"			
Deadly Jump 				="J"				

--Lictor Alpha Accessories--
Loner					="L"
Pheremone				="E"
Menacing Visage				="M"				

--Ravener Alpha Weapons-

Acid Splatter				="L"
Crippling Talon				="I"
Corrosive Devourer 			="V"				

--Ravener Alpha Armor-- 

Hardened Carapace			="H"			
Reinforced Chitin 			="N"			
Regenerate 				="G"			

--Ravener Alpha Accessories--

Burrow Trap				="P"
Toxic Miasma 				="C"				
Synapse Aura (Damage)			="Y"			
Strengthened Sinew 			="W"			

--Hive Tyrant Weapons--

Crushing Claw 				="W"			
Rending Talons				="R"				

Venom Cannon				="V"
--Hive Tyrant Armor--

Improved Synapse 			="I"			
Extended Carapace			="C"
Bonded Exoskeleton			="E"				

--Hive Tyrant Accessories--

Warp Field 				="F"				
Bio-Plasma			 	="B"				
Psychic Scream		 		="Y"				

-- Tyranid Unit Abilities (Mp Only)
Bio-Plasma 				="B"			
Burrow 					="B"			
Charge 					="C"			
Flesh Hooks    				="F"			 
Infiltrate		                ="I"				
Warp Field 				="F"			
Focused Warp Blast 			="B"			
Spore Cysts 				="C"			
Detonate Spore Mines 			="D"			
Assault Leap				="J"
-- Tyranid Hero Abilities (Mp Only)
Corrosive Devourer 			="V"			
Burrow 					="B"			
Toxic Miasma 				="P"
Tunnel 					="T"			
Bio-Plasma 				="B"			
Charge 					="C"			
Seismic Roar           			="R"
Invulnerability 			="E"			
Warp Field 				="F"				
Psychic Scream 				="Y"			
Corrosive Devourer 			="V"			
Assault Leap 				="J"				
Flesh Hook                 		="F"
Pheromone Cloud 			="E"			
Toxic Burst 				="C"			
Terrifying Scream			="R"				
Infiltrate				="I"
-- Tyranid Buildings (Mp Only)
Power Generator 			="A"				
Power Node 				="A"

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