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PlanetSide 2 Terran Republic Optic Scopes

PlanetSide 2 offers a number of optics for your rifles. However, it's not too clear what each scope does and how each scope look. This page shows you the scopes for the Terran Republic faction.

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We currently do not have all of the Terran Republic optics unlocked. If you have an optic that is not on this page, please attach a screen shot of it to this page.

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ACS [4x]

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DMO [3.4x]

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Default Iron Sights and Scopes

TX1 Repeater is the default sidearm for a Terran Republic soldier. The following shows the iron sight of the TX1 Repeater.

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Combat Medic

The T1 Cycler is the default assault rifle for the combat medic. The following is the T1 Cycler iron sight.

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Heavy Assault

The heavy assault is equipped with a T9 Carv light machine gun by default. The T9 Carv has the following iron sight.

The heavy assault also has the ML-7 rocket launcher, which has the following iron sight.

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The Terran Republic infiltrator uses the 99SV sniper rifle by default. The following shows the default scope on the 99SV.

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Light Assault and Engineer

Both the light assault and the engineer classes use the same Trac-5 carbine. The screen shot below shows the iron sight on the Trac-5.

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