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KERUI Home Security System Review: Wireless PIR Motion Detector

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The KERUI wireless PIR motion detector detects motion using IR radiation that is given off by a warm body. It's fairly large, but has a decent, non-flamboyant look (see photo below).

When the wireless PIR motion detector detects motion, it lights up the red LED on top and sends a signal to the alarm panel. The photo below shows the red LED.

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Power Source

The KERUI Wireless PIR Motion Detector is powered by three AAA batteries. There is a battery compartment on the back of the motion detector (see photo below).

I just got the unit, so I don't know how long the battery lasts yet. It's on 24/7 now, so when it run out of battery, I will update this page.

In addition, there is a way for you to power it with an AC adapter on the left side of the unit (see photo below). The power port is a standard micro-USB port that used on today's SmartPhones.

A power switch allows you to turn the unit on and off.

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The KERUI wireless PIR Motion Detector comes with a ball joint swivel mount (see photo below). KERUI intends you to mount the motion detector to a specific height on the wall.

For home use, I found that to be somewhat intrusive. Instead, I have several locations around the house where the height is about right. I just place the motion detector at these locations. Luckily the motion detector stands well on its own.

In the dining room, I placed it on top of the fireplace. In the living room, I placed it on top of a tower fan, which has a nice concave top that is perfect for it. In my home office, I placed it on a shelf. In the garage, I also placed it on a shelf.

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